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  • Is your company available for my date?  Please CLICK HERE to find out.
  • Do you use a sign at my wedding with your company name? No we do not
  • How will you address us on the wedding day? I will use your first names and Mr. and Mrs. I very seldom if ever use the words bride and groom. It is very non personal and generic.
  • Can you tell me who will be the DJ/MC for my event?   Yes, this is based on when you reserve your date.  We suggest you reserve 12 to 18 months in advance for best availability. We will make every effort for you to speak to, and sometimes meet with DJ/MC that will be at your event. Some events are destination events and do not allow that.
  • How experienced are the DJ/MC’s that work for your company? All DJ/MC’s on staff have a minimum of seven years experience and have been personally trained by me.
  • What will you wear at my event? The attire for the event is dictated primarily by you. We want to fit in with the crowd not stand out. I could say we wear tuxedos for every event, but this is not true, in South Florida, we have done events in tuxedos as well as flip-flops with a Tommy Bahamas shirt, and a pair of khaki shorts. Welcome to Florida!
  • Can I create a playlist for my event? We set you up with an online planner that will allow you to choose all the music you want to hear as well as all the music you do not want to hear. Yes! You can make a do not playlist?
  • The venue I am having my event at requires liability insurance, do you have the necessary insurance? Yes, we carry a $2 million liability policy issued by our DJ insurer. We will also provide a certificate to your venue as additionally insured for the event.
  • Do I have to feed the DJ? No it is not required, but it is appreciated. Please let us know either way so that we make the necessary preparations.
  • Do you recommend other professionals that you have worked with for my event? Yes, we have an area on the website that lists them all with their websites and locations. They are considered MB preferred.
  • Do you provide planning consultation and assistance? Yes we can, as we work with quite a few wedding professionals throughout the state and can find you someone that is perfect for you. If you do not need or want a planner you will always give you the benefit of our expertise and take the time to help you create an event with lasting memories.

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  • Do you coordinate with the other event professionals the day of the event?  Yes, it is so important that your event flows from the time the doors open to the time the doors close. We work totally in sync with your other vendors to make everything a great success.
  • When do you arrive? This question depends a lot on the amount of equipment and setup required for your event. Standardly we arrive about 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to time the event is the start.
  • How many songs should I choose for my reception? This question is entirely up to you. Please understand if I play nothing but your request that leaves no room to read the crowd, or take requests from them.  Most couples choose about 20 of their favorite songs for the dancing portion, 10 -12 for Dinner and the same for cocktail.
  • Will the DJ take requests? That is your option. We may or may not depending on your answer.
  • What equipment would you have with you? A professional  sound system, a soundboard, a controller, A wireless microphone for toasts (or blessing/or both), a laptop hard drive. Upgrades are available, as in lighting, video screens and much much more.
  • Will you stay longer if needed? Yes we can, the rate is printed on your initial agreement. The rate is not pro-rated it is per hour or portion thereof. If you are going overtime make sure that you speak to your venue, and ask what their charge will be, if any.
  • Will you be sending me an agreement? Yes, there will be a agreement in place to cover everything including, your package, start and end times and all necessary details.
  • What is your cancellation policy? It is clearly described in the agreement
  • How much is the reservation fee and when should I book the date?   The 50% reservation fee is due upon signing. Usually it is best to book your event 12 to 18 months  in advance to ensure availability.
  • What is the final payment due?  Your final payment is due to weeks prior to your event.
  • Does the price include gratuity and if it doesn’t is it required?  Your price does not include gratuity, and it is not required but it is appreciated.
  • Are there any additional charges? No, everything is on the agreement. Your investment is labeled as are your entire package.

NO Chicken dance DJ Wedding DJIt’s simple -”We will NEVER treat your wedding like it is just another party!” We provide unparalleled service, commitment and customer service. No props! No B.S.! No Chicken Dance!

I hope I have addressed all your concerns and left you with the piece of mind and confidence that you will have an amazing event if you hire MB Event and DJ Services

Mike B DJ/MC

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Stop wondering if we are available for your date?  CLICK HERE to find out!

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